Extra Penny Deserves its Values

Wedding Photographer

$140 / hour


One photographer will be present.



All Original Photos returned in softcopy with 40 photos or more edited per-hour service.


Add-ons Option

1. Video recording on tripod for solemnisation process +$60


2. Photobook Printing +$150-$300

Wedding Videographer

$170 / hour


One videographer will be present, unless same-day edit needed.


A finely edited highlight video (1080p) will be produced with a few raw videos returned.

Add-ons Option

1. Same-day-edit video +$300

2. +$400 for everything in 4K resolution 

For family photos, portrait, graduation or other requirements, 

please contact us via WhatsApp to confirm availability and pricing.

Payment terms

1. 20% of total to be paid as booking deposit. It is non-refundable if event cancelled but able to refund half if event rescheduled but we could not provide the service on that new date or time.

2. If event is rescheduled and we are available to provide service, the booking deposit paid will be still 20% and refund/top-up will be conducted if there is adjustment of total price.

3. 80% of total to be paid by end of the event day.

4. Delivery of product will be less than one week for photography and less than 2-4 weeks for videography.